Turn Your Marketing into a Science with a Behavioral Audit

Your website and marketing campaigns should deliver consistent business results, not headaches and frustration. With a Behavioral Audit from Mindstate Group, you can use behavioral science to optimize your marketing to increase conversion by 20% or more!

Stop Wasting Money & Start Getting Results

How much money are you wasting every year because your website or campaigns aren’t delivering consistent, reliable growth?

Most websites and marketing were designed from gut feels, which can lead to ineffective ads and poor results. Behavioral Audits are the scientific way to optimize your marketing by applying the latest insights from behavioral design to emotionally connect with your customers.

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Here's How It Works

Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Call

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call to fill us in on your creative executions that you want to test. We’ll give you a cost estimate (usually below $5,000) with our 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy with the results.

Step 2: Submit Your Website and Creative

Just fill out a simple online form & attach images of your creative. That’s it! From website pages, digital ads, packaging, or even in-store marketing, we can audit all of your marketing.

Step 3: Get Your Results & Recommendations

In hours we’ll send you an in-depth report which includes a neurological + psychological analysis of your website or creative plus our expert recommendations to increase conversions based upon the best-selling book Marketing to Mindstates.

What Is a Behavioral Audit?

A Behavioral Audit is a 5-step neurological and psychological analysis of the nonconscious primes, frames and triggers in your creative that are impacting consumer response. Behavioral Audits couple AI technology with behavioral science to streamline your creative process, produce better marketing, and boost sales.

Key benefits include:

Clear understanding of how to optimize your visuals to drive neurological excitement

Clear understanding of how to write copy that taps into your customers subconscious desires

Results in just 48 hours

With a Behavioral Audit, You Can:

  • Find Out Why Your Marketing Is Failing

  • Optimize Your Creative to Breakthrough The Clutter

  • Drive Conversions, Revenues & Brand Growth

  • Reduce Marketing Expenditure

  • Eliminate Needless A|B testing

  • Better Predict How Customers Will Respond to Campaigns

  • Learn How to Apply Behavioral Design to Your Marketing

The 5 Steps of a Mindstate Group Behavioral Audit

Anchoring Assessment

Find out what drives consumers’ neurological breakthrough and initial cognitive processing.

Priming Assessment

Uncover the goals your current campaign activates—and which human motivation you should prime instead to drive customers to act.

Framing Assessment

How is your message or brand’s benefit framed to drive choice in your favor?

Affect Assessment

Identify whether your existing marketing emotes the right emotions and how consumers might react to that emotion.

Trigger Assessment

What triggers the final decision to act? Get to know the triggers you’re already using and additional triggers you can utilize.

Start Your Behavioral Audit Now

Use this form to contact Mindstate Group and request a Behavioral Audit for your brand. We’ll schedule a 30-minute conversation to:

  • Walk you through the Behavioral Audit process

  • Discuss your pricing options

  • Explain your deliverables and Audit report

  • Help you identify how to get the most out of your audit

About Us

As the foremost experts on behavioral science-based marketing, Mindstate® Group provides marketers with resources so they can apply Mindstate Marketing to their business. Our suite of services guides you through the complexities of behavioral science so you can create irresistible messaging that drives people to act.

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About Us

As the foremost experts on behavioral science-based research and marketing, Mindstate® Group provides marketing research and marketing professionals the tools and experience needed to exponentially grow their brand using the power of behavioral science.

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